Do You Know Why Are Honma Golf Clubs So Expensive?


If you’re a golf lover, you may find it fascinating to play; you may also know about the players, necessary equipment, & the manufacturing brands. However, you may have heard about the legendary Honma products; everyone, including me, thinks that why are Honma golf clubs so expensive.

Anyway, my brother, who is currently living in the USA, said that the Japanese branded golf items are more popular there despite being costly. He also chose to practice his golf with Honma equipment; whereas, other were offering the same things at a cheaper rate.

However, you must read the whole article to know the Asian company’s background, their products with prices, and the possible causes of its being extremely expensive.

Why Are Honma Golf Clubs So Expensive: See the Public Reactions & Causes from Them

Those who are professionals or passionate about golf, will indeed recognize the Japanese brand; they may have faced the extreme costings as well. Let’s find out what can be the possible reasons of its being so expensive, according to the commoners.

  • Honma five star golf clubs are made in Japan & the equipment or raw material there are very costly; moreover, the crafting & making should have some worth besides them.
  • The Honma materials or products are made in the sophisticated process; the procedure makes the equipment more durable & thus, it becomes expensive.
  • A brand value is another factor which affects the cost because the company name impacts a lot on people’s mind; however, many Asian brands may produce the same quality golf clubs. On the other hand, many European brands also manufacture almost similar gaming things as Honma company; many of you will still choose the Japanese branded golf clubs instead of the local ones.
  • Some of the models can also use many artistic touch, & expensive metals; some highly rated golf sets use expensive metals, such as Honma gold making them expensive.
  • Honma golf sets are well crafted & provides a long durability; however, it has a high-ranking & good reviews on different websites & marketplaces.
  • Also, some people say that golf equipment are different & user-friendly; moreover, they are good for increasing swing speed. Therefore, many professionals prefer using Honma for their practices & matches; the equipment set-up are perfect for experts.
  • Another thing that increases the cost is the transportation because it takes a lot of money to export the items worldwide; sending in Europe won’t be the same as local areas in Japan.
  • Lastly, small group of people always say that it’s worthless to spend more bucks on Honma because it’s nothing unique from others; therefore, many customers prefer buying other branded things for playing golf for profession or hobby at a reasonable price.

The things are collected from the customer’s review; you can say that people have mixed reaction on Honma’s high price & the things are collected from the user’s experiences.

The level of original Honma brand is enough to increase the cost; anyway, the ultimate decision is yours whether you will spend money on buying the items or not. Please check the pricing & you may save some money to buy the expensive golf sets & gaming items.

Know More about the Finest Golf Club Brands & Their High-Quality Products

Many people prefer cheap game items for golf, but others are always to think that expensive ones are more appropriate for using; let’s find out the brands that provide costly & high-quality golf clubs and also know briefly about these brands, besides their products & models to make it easy for you to select one:


Honma Beres, that costs around $60,000 has almost five golf clubs in a set, and mostly made of gold or other metals; Honma irons are collected from the finest suppliers, and there’s no chance of it being low-quality.

2. Titleist

Titleist CNCPT Irons 7-clubs Set, each club costs £500, which means the total price is £3500; however, this model is recent & exclusive, besides being better than the brand’s previous editions. Another good thing about the company is it reached the top position within a short time; I hope it will keep doing well & hold its position.

3. Taylormade

Taylormade P7TW Irons is one of the prominent golf club model, and many renowned players are seen to win matches with this material; moreover, the clubs cost relatively less (£1800 full set).

4. Callaway

Callaway is another rising golf club manufacturing company that has took up the challenge to produce the best iron clubs for playing. They cost moderate per set, and it’s 1799 pounds, according to Google; the brand launched this product in 2017 to compete with other golf clubs.

5. Miura

Miura IC-601 is the top-selling item of the 2nd legendary Japanese brand; the equipment should have been slightly expensive due to the region. Surprisingly the model set is not costly; the 7-clubs in this package cost £2000; therefore, each costs below £300.

6. Bettinardi

Bettinardi BB1 is a limited edition golf club made of versatile raw materials (iron, copper, & plastic); therefore, it’s one of the most expensive one, costing £699 per piece.

Only the VIP like players prefer having them for hobby or professional purpose; if you want to make an aesthetic collection, you can get or order them.

Few other brands produce some high-quality & expensive golf clubs; let’s find them out:

  • Scotty Cameron Gallery Putters (the European company & the clubs cost around a thousands).
  • Bentley Centenary Set (the most expensive one costs 12,000 pounds; the British car company launched this unique combination on a special combination, on it’s 100th anniversary).

Though they are expensive, but they are not as famous as the Honma; it’s because the Japanese brand has made a higher position in the marketplace than any other British, American, European companies.

Let’s find out the most significant golf club items from the Honma brand; surprisingly, the Beres series is the best-selling product worldwide:

  • HONMA Golf Club- 5 Stars (Beres)
  • HONMA Golf- Beres 4 Stars
  • HONMA Golf Club Beres-3 Stars
  • HONMA Golf Beres 2-Stars

These are the top products from the brand’s BERES series; you can use one of them, but it’s better to use the 5-stars. You will have other models from Honma apart from the Beres series, but they are not the best ones; moreover, you must check the Honma golf club review on sites.

Let’s Find out Which Player Use What Branded Golf Club: Check the List

We have famous golf players all over the world, and there’s no one who doesn’t know them; if you want to get more familiar with them, check the list. Moreover, the admirers always want to know the secrets of their idol’s win, besides which tools they prefer for their sports.

1. Tiger Woods is one of the most popular golf player who won 14-important tournaments within 11 years, but which bat or golf club he uses? Tiger Woods is seen to use the Nike Golf most because he is the brand ambassador; he uses the Taylormade sometimes.

He uses the Bridgestone balls with Nike clubs; he made the Taylormade the second best club manufacturing brand after the 2000, and that shows how a celebrity can influence.

2. Rory Mcllroy is another legend player who started off his career with Nike equipment (both club & ball); later, in 2017, he moved to Callaway & Titleist and settled there.

You can also conclude as Nike is appropriate for the beginners, and the kits are comfortable to use; on the other hand, you can move to the expensive & more professional ones when you become an expert.

3. Jordan Spieth is a 23-years old golf player who joined only 4-years ago, yet he won two major tournaments in a short time; when others were forced to change their choices, Speith continued his journey with Titleist clubs & balls from the beginning.

Some golfers use, prefer, or stick to a particular club model; however, let’s find out the famous golfers’ preferences:

  • Tommy Fleetwood prefers playing with either Taylormade P7TW or Srixon Z785 (5 or 4-stars); he won many matches with these equipments.
  • Webb Simpson uses Titleist 620MB Golf Clubs with True Temper Dynamic Shafts; they make a nice combination.
  • Patrick Cantle is also seen to play with Titleist clubs & True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Shafts (100×120 & Titleist 718 AP2 club).
  • Next, we have Patrick Reed who uses Forged Prototype golf club with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour (probably X100); his choice seems to be slightly different from other golfers, but sometimes they are forced to use a particular brand especially, when they become a representative.
  • Adam Scott play with Titleist 716-TMB or 680; you can see that the brand is popular among the maximum golfers.
  • Dustin Johnson is another person who relies upon the Taylormade golf clubs combining with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour because they make a perfect package.
  • Justin Thomas has Titleist T100 & 680; it seems to be that he is dedicated to the Titleist brand & tries different models from the same company.
  • Brooks Koepka uses Taylormade golf club with Mitsubishi Tour besides having Mizuno JPX-919, collaborating with True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue X100; it may be his secret combo to win important matches & tournaments.

Now, the question comes who uses Honma golf clubs, the answer is not lengthy because only those who earn well, or signed contract with the Japanese CEO can own the clubs. Anyway, the only name that is connected to Honma is Justin Rose; he is using the clubs for a long time.

Justin Rose was previously an ambassador of Taylormade, but when a veteran from the brand got hired by Honma, he also signed a contract with the CEO in 2013, and currently continuing it. Moreover, this young player won his 1st major & 6-tours after getting involved with Honma, but is there no other golfer?

Hideto Tanihara used to be one of the top-ranked & highly paid player who was involved with Honma golf clubs; however, as mentioned before, only a few golfers got the chance to have the contract with the brand.

The CEO has one motto, and that is to get in touch with people with potential; therefore, the company doesn’t only stick to senior players. If any young or new golfer shows some consistent & significant performance, the company keeps an eye on that player; therefore, it hires or signs contract with him/her.

Would You Like to Find out the Honma Company’s History & Background?

Besides you know why are Honma golf clubs so expensive, you must know the background & history of the company; let’s know some important things:

The company started its journey in 1959 as Tsunami Golf Association with the two Honma brothers, & later, turned to Honma; it got famous in the USA as a luxury golf club brand in 2000.

It became a local top company during the 1980s when it planted its most important manufacturing plants at Tokyo in order to expand the business.

Though the biggest manufacturing plant is now situated in the USA, & got its today’s name & fame from Europe, it’s a Japanese-based company. The brand focuses more on long-term engagement; it may be joining with other brands or signing contracts with any ambassador or employee.

You may be surprised a bit because only Japan & the USA are not the contributors; China also takes part in manufacturing the branded products. Anyway, the places may be different because it has spread its business worldwide, but the company has a policy to ensure the product quality.

The company produces all necessary parts to make a club, tour, or shafts because they should have a common ground & quality; they get assembled in the same place. On the other hand, some other Japanese golf club manufacturers, such as Miura & Vega gather scattered items from different manufacturers & join them.

The price range here starts with $2,000 and it may increase up to $50,000; the pricing according to me is worth it because they ensure the quality, and providing the service for decades.


The article may be successful to make the preliminary factors come to light, such as the history, player’s preference, manufacturing details, & different models; all of them can convince you why are Honma golf clubs so expensive, including the public experiences.

Anyway, you can get inspired through your idol or a brand manifesto, and get attracted to the product, but please make sure you’re comfortable using those equipment’s.

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