Do expensive golf clubs make a difference? Will they make you play better?

Cheap things always attract us. Who doesn’t want to meet their needs at a cheaper price? Well, it is appealing but might be a loss in the long run. Not all the products at cheap prices turn out to be good.

Having said that, we wouldn’t say that less pricy things have some good materials in them. But when it comes to golf clubs you should think twice before jumping to any conclusion. These days it is easier to get bewildered with different styles and brands. But, the old golf expensive golf clubs will always be an exceptional and quality product. However, if you are a beginner then buying an expensive golf club might not the best idea.

Here are some instructions which shall help you in this regard:

Don’t buy something you aren’t ready for

Spending loads of money on the types of equipment has become a passion for the majority. But that would be a waste of money if your purpose doesn’t sit well with it. For example- you are just learning to play and don’t have a good gasp over fundamentals of games, the extravagant equipment would not be much helpful in such cases. Rather than buying the top branded golf club at the very first, you can buy a full set with half the money. Just simply learn to play first.

Get comfortable with your golf club

Whether you buy an expensive golf club or an inexpensive one, the first thing you need to do is to adapt. Here the most important thing for you is “comfort”. The pricier golf clubs come with titanium and graphite while the cheaper ones offer golf clubs with zinc or aluminium. You have to find out which one is easy to swing for you. Without comfort, there is no better win.

Move up with time

No matter how minimalist you are, you should never get rid of the thought of upgrading yourself. As you learn your weaknesses and strength with time, try to move up to the next level with your equipment. It is better to choose the cheaper one for the beginning practice. However, when you have already grabbed the platform you can go for investing a bit more in the golf club, then buying an expensive one will make difference in your performance.

Does the expensive golf club make one better golfer?

The answer is ‘no’. A good player will hit the ball well no matter how his or her club is. Yes, in some cases the quality of golf may make it slightly better, by slightly we mean ‘very slightly’. And someone pro won’t hit too bad with cheap golf clubs either.

If you are quite a noob at it and just have started and you are thinking of buying a set of expensive ones will make you a good player, and then you are highly mistaking. It is high time we put down your money and get ready for practice.

Therefore, we would always recommend getting proper practice before spending time and money on gears.

Is Clone Golf worth your money?

The answer would yes and also no. As a separate golf club Clone Golf is pretty interesting. But the price is not really that cheap. If you compare it with other brands then you will see that the price tag is not making a big difference. The price of Clone Golf will be more or less around $250-$300 including the shipping charge. Also, you cannot resale them at a cheaper value. So they will eventually turn worthless after a time being.

On the other hand, with Callaways you can expect 90% money back after playing with it for one year and upgrading it. So, here the value doesn’t fall that much.So buying Clone golf may not be much productive if you think altogether.

Different budget golf clubs

There are many ways you can see budget golf clubs and it highly depends on the fact that how you look at it.

The all prevalent categories of budget golf clubs: 

  • Second Hand: The second-hand golf clubs were expensive at first, but with time new models arrived and the price dropped considerably.
  • Brand new golf sets: This category comes at a cheap price.
  • Golf club clones: Clone golf clubs are interesting and now people often buy them. But it is useless once you buy them, you can’t resell them again.

Are budget golf clubs any better?

Not all the budget golf sets are the best ones. There are examples where the golf club is preferable and there are somewhere it is not. Nonetheless, you should do broad research on any set you are going to buy.

Some well-known brands are making a version of a low price set, which is reliable in many cases. The Callaway Edge set at Costo, for example, is a beautiful and affordable purchase.

However, the quality is a question when the budget clubs are non-branded. Often people complain of the shafts softness of the non-branded clubs. The over softness is not the ideal one to play with; maybe it will take some time for getting used to it.

More or less, you should see for yourself which one sits well with you. You can try your friend’s club for it and then decide which one is your cup of tea. Or you may also try golf range where they often rent golf clubs.

The top 3 suggested golf club set:

1. Aspire X10

Aspire X10 is the kind that gives the player super flexibility. Even one of the users of Aspire 10 has termed its flexibility as “swinging spaghetti at rock”. Also, it is a perfect value to price and demand. Coming with materials like titanium driver, irons and stainless steel wood, it simply proves to be an elevated golf club.

Features:• Manufacturer of the product: Precise Golf.• Dimension: 48.9x11x9-inches.• Weight: 15.25 pounds.• Material: True temper steel, stainless steel.• Best suited for accuracy and flexibility.• Highly recommended for beginners.• Light weight.

2. HONMA Golf Club

If you are into handmade aesthetic stuffs then nothing is perhaps better for you than HONMA Golf Club. More than 400 skilled craftsmen work for the perfection of HONMA Golf Club so there is no question in credibility here. Plus, design enthusiast can expect custom color and shapes within HONMA Golf Club.

Features:• Manufacturer of the product: HONMA.• Dimension: 48x5x5-inches.• Weight: 2.5 pounds.• Material: Graphite fiber, carbon crown.• Full profile driver.• Non-rotating system.• Capable of effortless distance and fast swing speed.

3. Wilson

Wilson makes a best set for women golf players. Engineering maximum control, it can produce great distance. Not just sturdy, Wilson set is also lightweight and sleek in nature. The lightweight cart bag is also a great help for women of all ages. If you want a complete set having durability, comfort and high performance then look no further than Wilson set.

 Features:• Manufacturer of the set: Wilson.• Dimension: 47.5×13.4×9.5-inches.• Weight: 14.8 pounds.• Comes with R&D engineered components.• Offers a lightweight premium bag.• A complete set with functional cart bag, there premium head covers and set of premium clubs.• Graphite shaft makes it easy to hit.


Lastly, the shiny Mizuno blades are not going to make you a great player. To achieve greatness you need to spend time on practice. Our recommendation for you would be to look for key brands like TaylorMade, Mizuno, Callaway, or Ping. Whichever brand you look dig deeper with the research.

While buying always keep your level whether it is novice or expert; because getting used to your style and then gradually developing should be the ultimate motto. In such a scenario you don’t need to expend lots of bucks to learn the game.

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