Best Golf Push Carts In 2021 (Perfect For Walking The Green)

A golf push cart removes the burden of carrying your bag around the course. Seniors, women, and junior golfers benefit from a well-designed push golf cart which removes the additional weight from the shoulders and allows the legs to freely move without the pressure of toting the bag. 

With a combination of a wide base and either two or three wheels, the best golf push carts offer maximum maneuverability, allowing golfers to enjoy this great game and may even help them shoot lower scores.

If you’re looking for advice in choosing the most ideal cart for you, we’ll help you take a closer look at what’s on the market with this in-depth golf push cart reviews.

Featured Recommendations

Best For Most Golfers

Best Value For Money

Best Premium Cart

Our Rating: 98 / 100

Our Rating: 96 / 100

Our Rating: 94 / 100

Two-latch system makes the push cart one of the easiest to fold after using on the course

Excellent balance with large back wheels that move easily over rough terrain

Three-wheel design provides excellent stability on rough terrain

Super durable construction material & design

Automatic front wheel alignment keeps the cart smoothly moving toward your next shot

Dual mesh baskets help carry essentials like water bottles, golf balls, and towels

What To Look For In The Best Golf Push Cart

The following features are things to look for when choosing the best golf push cart.

Easy to open and close

If your cart causes you grief every time you go to use it, chances are the honeymoon will be over before you know it. Included in this issue is the latching mechanism to keep it from opening when you don’t want it to.

Size when folded

Not everyone drives a big SUV or pickup truck. To most of us, space is a premium. With one or two sets of clubs in your trunk, how much more room will you need for your cart? Believe it or not, there are push carts available that will suit your needs and take very little space.

Smooth ride

My first cart (I won’t name names) was so smooth that I hardly even knew I was pushing it. An area to pay attention to is the width of the front wheelbase and whether or not your bag rubs on the tires. Some of the best golf push carts have an adjustable front wheel base to address this issue.


The biggest decision that golfers looking to buy a push cart must make before their purchase is if they want a two, three, or four-wheel push cart.

Two-wheel push carts uses the base where the bottom of the bag sits to balance the cart when it comes to a rest. The biggest difference for golfers using two-wheel push carts is that they have to lean the bag down toward the handle to move the cart. A three-wheel push cart is balanced due to the location of the front wheel base and can be easily pushed to move along the course.


No need to get too technical here. You are going to spend over $200 on this cart and you want it to last a long time.

Braking system

The brake is a feature that is now prevalent in this price range. The ability of this brake to keep your cart from getting away from you should be of importance, as I have actually had one get away from me due to a brake slipping.


Old two wheel push carts were forever tipping over, dumping your clubs on the ground. With the advent of three wheel and now four wheel push carts, this is becoming less of a problem. When cart manufacturers now talk about stability, it is a side to side issue. Some of course have a wider wheel base making them extremely stable.


My wife likes to take way too many things along with her when we play golf, so many in fact that she sometimes commandeers some of my own storage from me for the stuff that won’t fit in her bag or cart. It has become a feature that I pay more attention to when choosing which cart to buy.


There are too many moving parts on a push cart that can, and sometimes do, break. I have had to order parts for two different push carts. Luckily I had no issues either time I had to do this.

Best Golf Push Carts

First Look:

  1. Best golf push cart overall: CaddyTek Explorer V8 Push Cart
  2. Best value for money: CaddyTek CaddyLite V3
  3. Best for maneuverability: Sun Mountain Speed Cart GX
  4. Most durable: CaddyTek 3 Deluxe Golf Push Cart
  5. Good cart with extra features: Tangkula Push Cart with Seat
  6. Lightweight, highly versatile luxury push cart: Cube CART 3 Push Cart
  7. Best adjustable push cart: Qwik-Fold 3.0 Wheel
  8. Great mid-level push cart: Tangkula Golf Push Cart
  9. Dynamic 3-wheel cart: Clicgear Model 4.0

CaddyTek Explorer V8 4-Wheel Golf Push Cart

Best Overall: Most Dependable Four-Wheel