Best Golf Clubs For Beginners

Good for you! You’ve decided to have a go at golf, the most frustrating but enjoyable sport in the world, but to get you started, what are the best golf clubs for beginners?

It’s an important question or – if we’re to be more honest – one of many important questions that we are going to try and answer for you in this article and review. You’ve likely played a few rounds with borrowed clubs, or perhaps hired the very basics and tried them out, and now your golfing friends are recommending a whole host of expensive seemingly ‘must have’ clubs.

Don’t take their advice without reading on! Why?

While they may have some useful tips, you risk spending a lot more than necessary! We’ve done the hard work for you, so sit back, relax and enjoy our guide to choosing your clubs!

If you don’t have time to read the full article, here’s our 3 stand out picks:

Quality & Forgiving Set

Our #1 Recommended Set

Excellent Budget Set

Wilson Men’s Complete Golf Set

Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Tour Complete Golf Set

MOG Tour X Rezults Complete Set




Do you need beginner’s clubs? It’s another of the often asked questions by those taking up the sport.

The answer is yes, and no; you can go straight in and buy a top level set of clubs which you will never need to trade up from, but what if you decide after a few months that, in fact, you’re not really into golf that much (we don’t think you will, by the way, but it happens)?

Below, we will be recommending some sets that cover all the bases and budgets, and also be giving you some sound advice on what you need to look for when researching and which is the best golf set for beginners.

So, if you’ve decided to take the plunge to buy a beginner golf club set, here are some useful tips to begin with, and we will be expanding on these later on in more detail.

  • Don’t buy the most expensive golf set
  • Set a budget and don’t exceed it
  • Be honest about your golf goals
  • Study golf set reviews, they are a good source of information
  • It’s probably cheaper to buy an affordable set rather than individual clubs
  • Try hybrid clubs, they are easier to use than long irons
  • Consider buying a used set to start

Put those tips on the back-burner for now because we want to talk about why we recommend a set that is aimed at beginners, so let’s get down to business.

Best Golf Clubs for Beginners: Our Top 5 Recommendations!

There are a number of brands who have a strong hold in the world of golf accessories, and it’s no surprise to see  that Callaway and Wilson both feature in our selection of the top 5 golf club sets for beginners.

Read through our selections carefully, and check the details on the sellers page; here they are:

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This impressive set of clubs from one of the biggest names in the business – Callaway – is a very good price for what you get, and comes very high on our list of the best golf club sets for beginners. Quality, value, and an emphasis on the right club selection for beginners are front and center here.

The set gets Callaway’s famed attention to detail and technical advances. Each club is designed with a level of forgiveness that will encourage the beginner to practice and play as often as possible. The inclusion of woods, irons and hybrids covers all the bases: it’s as comprehensive a set as you are going to get at this price.

The bag is a decent one with plenty of pockets and a nice design, and you get four headcovers too which is a nice touch, while the set is available in right and left handed form. All in all, a good set with bag that we like a lot.

To summarize, you get the following: stand bag, 4 head covers, driver, 3 wood, 4h and 5h hybrids, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons, pitching wedge and sand wedge, and a putter. It really is the best starter golf set, here’s a useful Callaway Strata golf club review by Dave from Golfin Addicts.

This Golf Clubs Set For Beginners Includes:

  • Driver – the titanium driver features a 12 degree loft and a large sweet spot, perfect for beginners and giving you great forgiveness for those long tee shots.
  • 3 Fairway Wood – A 3 wood with a specially designed aerodynamic head for ease of use, and are nicely weighted too.
  • Hybrids – perfect for a beginner’s set, the 4H and 5H hybrids give you better control when you are gaining experience.
  • Irons – stainless steel irons are designed with high-flight technology for better performance, and cover a wide range of loft angles for greater choice.
  • Wedges – the set comes with both a sand wedge and putting wedge, again stainless steel, and each with excellent forgiveness built in.
  • Putter – the putter is a standard length 35” design with a precise-milled face and a 3.5° loft for precise putting.
  • Bag – lightweight bag with great selection of pockets and tee-holders and a stable stand, perfect for the job.



  • Best value for a golf club starter set
  • Carry bag included with lots of pockets
  • Header covers included
  • Quality higher than expected for the price
  • The irons are forgiving enough to hit good shots, although you won’t get the distances you would see in a brand name forged iron set
  • Most owners would highly recommend this as one of the best golf sets when learning the game
  • The Irons and wedges in this set are designed with progressive wide sole weighting technology, helping a beginners game
  • No sand wedge included
  • The putter won’t suit everybody, but the mallet putter style is becoming more and more popular
  • Grips are too thin for some golfers
  • The bag is made from cheaper materials
  • Some golfers may prefer a traditional 5-iron instead of the 5-hybrid


There is a sense of assurance in the Callaway brand that cannot be overlooked, and this set is one of the most comprehensive for beginners that you will find on the market today.

The choice of clubs is pretty much spot on – we really can’t see you needing much more in terms of club selection – and it is the best value considering the full package. Certainly one to consider carefully, although be aware it will take quite a chunk of your budget – but you will find it lasts a long time.