Are TaylorMade golf clubs on wish real?: Money saving expert opinion!

It is nothing new that golf enthusiasts often end up buying counterfeit golf clubs. It is often quite decisive for buyers. Sometimes certain sites promise golf clubs on a cheap price range offer and people tend to fall in traps easily.

Mostly the golf clubs from are not real. Several customers have complained about social media like Reddit and Quora that the TaylorMade golf clubs are really fake, the words might seem harsh but that’s the truth.

What is

Wish is mainly a Chinese site that sells different types of products and most of which are proven to be unbranded, knockoffs, or fake kinds of stuff. It is common knowledge within people that such Chinese sites do sell fake things. Yet people get overwhelmed to see such brands on a low price offer. Quite upsetting!

Why should you be concerned about the real counterfeit clubs?

There are certain risks of counter clubs and these are the reasons why you should not be concerned about counterfeit clubs. Firstly, a counterfeit club cannot meet the premium standard. As a result, the performance will considerably degenerate.

Secondly, chances are high that poor material might cause injury to the one who uses it. And that’s why real counterfeit clubs should be in any golf enthusiasts’ collection.

So, whatever the situation is; it comes down to the fact that you should be aware of certain features to recognize the real golf club. Now, without further I do let’s get to know the core features of the real golf club.


Here is a comprehensive checklist you should take a good look at.

1. Checking serial numbers:

Serial number is the core point to know whether the company is selling fake or real. Ask for the numbers from the dealers. If they refuse to provide then you can assume that something is wrong with their claims.

2. The Magnet test:

You may use a magnet test to check the authenticity. If the club provider claims that the materials are titanium then stick a magnet to the club and see if it falls. If a magnet stays then it is definitely fake, because a magnet will not get stick with titanium.

3. The Glue Test:

Check carefully if there is excess glue around the decals or ferrules. Keep in mind that the real clubs do not appear with any sort of excess epoxy.

4. The member feedback:

Checking member feedback is the rule of thumb when it comes to knowing the quality of the product. We would recommend you not to buy from the dealer with less than fifty sales and much negative feedback.

5. The Ferrules:

Ferrules stays between the head and shaft. The real one comes with an exceptional shape of ferrules. And the counterfeits rarely match such a sample.

6. The Full set:

If the set comes in irons, wedges, woods, or putter then chances are high that these are the signs of counterfeit.

7. Photos:

You should always ask for additional photos close-up. Otherwise, it is best to avoid them.

8. The lettering and paint:

Counterfeit pieces make mistakes in portraying the little details of the product. Hence you can take a picture from the web as an example and check logo, paint, font-weight sized, etc.

9. Shipping:

You should always be skeptical when it comes to the shipping place. There should be detailed ideas on the shipping place. If you see products shipping from china then sometimes it is a thing to be wary of.

10. Deal:

Too good to be true- We all love to get discounts. The misprint dresses barely used things, etc are displayed on discount sale. But in the case of a golf manufacturer, it is different. They won’t sell extra glued or discolored things. So if you find any discount offer, you should check the manufacturer carefully.

11. Authorized retailer:

Frauds put the effort into making things look perfect. Therefore, they can take photos from drivers and put them like authentic ones. Even on the sites like Amazon, eBay, or Alibaba third-party counterfeit sellers display products in cheap range.

That’s why you should check the authorized retailer list from the manufacturer. If you buy from any other individual retailer then the risk is solely yours. Even though after checking to and fro of all the points above if you feel like you still have doubt, you should contact directly with the manufacturer.

Wrap up:

Lastly, buying TaylorMade golf clubs on the wish app is maybe not the best idea. You shouldn’t bargain for a good product because the risk is not worth it. Often products on are taken as Chinese knock-off; so, the risk is high if you buy golf clubs without checking the legit retailer.

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